NEA Member Benefit Webinars

Join Teresa Muench and her team from NEA Member Benefits to learn about the many services and benefits offered by your union and how you can put them to work for you as a WEA member.

General Information:

  • There is no charge to attend.
  • Preregistration is required.
  • Seminar will be held via Zoom.
  • Registrants must be a WEA member to attend.

Getting Started On Your Financial Journey

Monday, November 6, 2023
Gain confidence in your retirement plan by exploring retirement savings, state pension options, and financial concepts for each life stage, from early to mid to late career. Learn some of the basic building blocks of your pension plan, which will get you started on the right foot and ensure a better path to financial security. Knowing your union is here to help and has resources for you to rely on is a valuable benefit of membership. 
Register: 11/6/23 

Save on ALL the Things You Love: Travel, Shopping, Family & Fun

Monday, December 4, 2023

Come learn about how to save money, manage your finances, and live your best life by using your NEA Member Benefit programs. Planning your next vacation, saving money on your everyday purchases, insuring your most valuable things, and taking charge of your financial life are all made easier through your membership. Get started at before the session and bring your questions. We will make sure you all have access to the website and all the valuable programs and services before we wrap-up. This webinar will certainly be fun and might change your life!
Register: 12/4/23

Women and Money

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Please, no offense meant for the men in our association. In fact, what we will learn tonight is valuable information for all of us to understand. Women face unique financial challenges. This presentation highlights those challenges along with possible solutions to address them. Obviously, all women will appreciate the information we are sharing, as well as others who may have a mother, sister, or daughter for whom they may want to better understand these unique considerations. And, let’s be real, roles are less defined to day then they were 20 years ago and in many cases some of this information shared is applicable to the men as well. All are encouraged to attend.
Register: 2/7/24 (opens 12/27/23)

Life Stages Investing

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Learning how to "invest" versus "save money" will have a significant impact on your financial future. Join us to explore the concept of long-term investing while addressing retirement income sources, gaps, and the potential impact of healthcare in retirement. For many of you, retirement seems a long way away, but the sooner you learn about the basic concepts of financial security, the better off you will be in making decisions between now and then. Plus, what you learn here is not just applicable to retirement planning, but to all your savings and investing goals between now and then as well. Presented by NEA Member Benefits.
Register: 3/19/24 (opens 2/5/24)

Navigating Student Loan Forgiveness

Monday, April 15, 2024

Many educators are likely eligible for forgiveness of your federal student loans through one or more of the federal programs currently available. There have been many updates and changes made to these programs and the information you need to know is often times hard to find. NEA MB has gathered the latest information as it applies to our members and will share that information with you during this workshop. In addition, they have a FREE online tool that will help you navigate your way to forgiveness. Come learn about the latest federal programs and how to access the NEA Student Debt Navigation Tool.Get a head start by logging in to and creating your account.
Register: 4/15/24 (opens 3/4/24)

Taking Care of Aging Parents

Tuesday, May 7, 2024