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  • May NEA MB Highlight: FREE Life Insurance

    Did you know…? As part of your membership, you have a free life insurance policy. The NEA Complimentary Life Insurance provides automatic coverage at no cost to Active, Reserve, and Lifetime members of NEA, which includes $1,000 of life insurance and an AD&D benefit of up to $5,000. Click "Read More" below to visit the NEA MB website for more information and to name your beneficiaries.
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  • Update Your Contact Information!

    Did you change your email address? Have you moved to a new home? Gotten married? Bought a new cell phone or changed your cell number? Finally said goodbye to your home landline? Please help us keep your contact information up to date, so that we can keep you informed on what's happening in your Local Association and the Council. Click 'Read More' below.
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