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  • No Child Should Go Without The Basics

    The purpose of the Children’s Fund, a registered 501(c)(3) foundation, is to make sure all Washington state children thrive in school, regardless of their family income. To that end, the fund reimburses WEA members in public education who purchase shoes, coats, clothing, and other necessities for needy students throughout our state. Members are allowed to purchase up to $75 for a student who is in need of any of the above supplies. Click "Read More" below for information on how to donate to and access the WEA Children's Fund.
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  • NEA Member Benefits - April 2021

    > Hot Deals and Discounts for April 2021
    > NEA Mental Health App Helps Members Deal with Stress and Anxiety
    > Save, Invest, and Spend with the NEA Smart Money Account
    > Do You Qualify for Free Tax Preparation?
    > Tax Season - Pay Yourself First
    > 7 Ways to Save Money All Year Long
    > Prepping Young Drivers for the Road
    > Pack the Perfect Road Trip Survival Kit
    > Check the Health of Your Trees this Arbor Day

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