WEA-Cascade UniServ Council

A regional office of the Washington Education Association

Serving Educators in the Northshore, Shoreline, and Edmonds School Districts.
Striving to enhance the professionalism of our members through member advocacy, political action,
organizing, and leadership development.

In The Loop

  • Make a difference for a student in need!

    Winter weather is upon us and it's time to stay bundled up and warm. Unfortunately, there are some students who don't have the basics to keep themselves warm. Some are in need of clothing, school supplies, or other things we take for granted. If you are a WEA member and know of any child who is doing without, you can help by accessing up to $75 from the WEA Children's Fund. All requests are confidential. No child should do without.

    Click "Read More" below for more information and to submit a funds request.
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  • WEA-Retired Scholarship Opportunity

    This year, WEA-Retired is offering up to ten $1,000 non-renewable scholarships to aid WEA members in enhancing skills in specific education areas and/or attaining or maintaining a teaching certificate. The scholarships cannot be used to pay for incurred debt for past classes or reimbursement for pre-paid classes. You must be a WEA member to apply. The due date to submit an application is March 10, 2020. Click "Read More" below for more information and links to the applications forms.
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