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  • WEA Children's Fund

    The mission of the Children's Fund is to make sure all children thrive in school, regardless of their family income. To that end, the fund reimburses WEA educators who purchase shoes, clothing, and other supplies for students in need across our state. Members are allowed to purchase up to $75 for a student who is in need of any of the above supplies. For information on how to submit a request for fund, or for how you can donate to the WEA Children's Fund, click "Read More" below.
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  • NEA Member Benefits - September 2020

    > Hot deals and discounts from NEA Member Benefits — September 2020
    > NEA Member Benefits 2020-2021 Programs and Services
    > Win a Jeep Compass Giveaway from California Casualty
    > No-Cost Access to the NEA Student Debt Navigator
    > Free NEA Member Benefits Financial Whiteboard
    > Tips to Help Educators Manage a Financial Emergency

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  • August Inclusionary Practices Course Offerings

    WEA's Inclusionary Practices Project is offering free registration and clock hours for all WEA members for the following courses:
    > Student Engagement and Management in Virtual Classrooms
    > High Leverage Practices for Inclusive Classrooms
    > STEMisizing Your Instruction
    > STEM Integration and Inclusionary Practices
    > Standards Based Grading to Promote Inclusion and Equity
    > Intelligent Lives: An Inclusionary Practices Journey

    The online trainings are asynchronous (self-paced) so participants can register at any time as long as they finish the training by June 30, 2021. For course descriptions and links to register click "Read More" below..
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