Cascade UniServ Council Board of Directors and Staff

Please refer to the list below for the contact information for each of the Cascade UniServ Council Board Members and staff:

2020-2021 CUC Board Members and Officers

Brittell, Tim NSEA President 425-486-7101 - ext 110 Email Tim
Chang, Chieh (Jan) Educator of Color Representative Email Jan
Cook, Michael WEA Board of Directors Email Michael
Cruz, Barb SESPA Co-President
CUC President
Email Barb
Garrard, Thom CUC WEAPAC Chair Email Thom
Lium, Nani WEA Board of Directors Email Nani
Marquardt, Jeanette CUC WEA-Retired Representative Email Jeanette
Mohlman, Layne SCCA President Email Layne
Nofziger-Meadows, Andi EEA President
CUC Vice-President
425-774-8851 - ext 21 Email Andi
Reed, Robbi NSEA Vice-President - ESP
CUC ACT Representative
425-486-7101 - ext 104 Email Robbi
Reiman, Matt SEA President 425-486-7101 - ext 113 Email Matt
Skurski, Christy NEOPA Co-President Email Christy
Stephens, Crystal NEOPA Co-President Email Crystal
Wood-Lim, Eileen SESPA Co-President Email Eileen
**Position Open** CUC Secretary

Cascade UniServ Staff

Dillon, Paul UniServ Representative
for NSEA (Cert & ESP) & NAAA
425-486-7101 - ext 103 Email Paul
Goveia, Sandra UniServ Representative
425-774-8851 - ext 22 Email Sandra
Gray-Brewer, Chenoa Field Assistant IV
Office Manager
425-486-7101 - ext 101 Email Chenoa
Rogers, Beth Field Assistant III 425-486-7101 - ext 100 Email Beth
Sherry, Lyn UniServ Representative
425-486-7101 - ext 102 Email Lyn

Local Staff

King, Lydia NSEA Admin Assistant 425-486-7101 - ext 111 Email Lydia
Meyers, Kari SEA Admin Assistant 425-486-7101 - ext 114 Email Kari
Nickolson, Debbie EEA Admin Assistant 425-774-8851 - ext 20 Email Debbie