Cascade UniServ Council Board of Directors and Staff

Please refer to the list below for the contact information for each of the Cascade UniServ Council Board Members and staff:

2022-2023 CUC Board Members and Officers

Brittell, Tim NSEA President 425-486-7101 - ext 110 Email Tim
Chang, Chieh (Jan) Educator of Color Representative Email Jan
Cook, Michael WEA Board of Directors Email Michael
Cruz, Barb CUC President
CUC ACT Representative
WEA Board of Directors
Email Barb
Dandridge, Lauren CUC Co-WEAPAC Chair Email Lauren
Garrard, Thom CUC WEA-Retired Representative Email Thom
Harreld, Nicole CUC Co-WEAPAC Chair Email Nicole
Mohlman, Layne SCCA President Email Layne
Nofziger-Meadows, Andi EEA President
WEA Board of Directors
425-774-8851 - ext 21 Email Andi
Ponce, Patty NEOPA Co-President Email Patty
Reed, Robbi NSEA Vice-President - ESP
CUC Vice-President
425-486-7101 - ext 104 Email Robbi
Reiman, Matt SEA President 425-486-7101 - ext 113 Email Matt
Skurski, Christy NEOPA Co-President Email Christy
Wood-Lim, Eileen SESPA President Email Eileen
**Position Open** CUC Secretary

Cascade UniServ Staff

Dillon, Paul UniServ Director
for NSEA (Cert & ESP) & NAAA
425-486-7101 - ext 103 Email Paul
Goveia, Sandra UniServ Director
425-774-8851 - ext 22 Email Sandra
Gray-Brewer, Chenoa Field Assistant V
Office Manager
425-486-7101 - ext 101 Email Chenoa
Rogers, Beth Field Assistant III
Administrative Assistant
425-486-7101 - ext 100 Email Beth
Sherry, Lyn UniServ Director
425-486-7101 - ext 102 Email Lyn

Local Staff

King, Lydia NSEA Administrative Assistant 425-486-7101 - ext 111 Email Lydia
Meyers, Kari SEA Administrative Assistant 425-486-7101 - ext 114 Email Kari
Nickolson, Debbie EEA Administrative Assistant 425-774-8851 - ext 20 Email Debbie