What does it mean to be a WEA Member?

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Your membership in WEA means you have the support of the National Education Association (NEA), our state's Washington Education Association (WEA), your regional UniServ council (Cascade), and your local education association. In addition, members can belong to affiliated groups including WEA-Retired, WEA Higher Education, and Student WEA. 

Being a WEA member means:

  • Accurate information amid a changing landscape in education
  • Support in bargaining your local contract
  • Professional development opportunities to help keep your skills sharp
  • Eligibility to attend cohorts for obtaining ProTeach and National Board Certification
  • $3 million on-the-job educator employment liability insurance coverage 
  • Legal assistance from WEA attorneys
  • A strong voice in the Washington State Legislature
  • Resources to help in the classroom
  • Access to grants from the WEA Children's Fund, which benefits children in need
  • Opportunity to attend pre-retirement seminars presented by WEA-Retired
  • Money-saving discounts to help stretch your paychecks
  • A community of dedicated educators

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