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Your retirement doesn't have to be the end of your connection to WEA. WEA-Retired and Pre-Retired members share  decades of experience in our schools to help improve public education in Washington. WEA-Retired supports public education and the enhancement of the quality of life for WEA's active and retired members. As a member of WEA/NEA-Retired you remain a part of the nation's largest advocacy voice for public education. WEA-Retired membership allows you access to WEA and NEA member benefits for the rest of your lift.

WEA-Retired members for the Cascade UniServ Council are represented by Thom Garrard. He can be reached via email by clicking here. Visit one of the links below for more information on and to join WEA and NEA Retired:

Some benefits of WEA-Retired membership

  • Membership is for a lifetime in a powerful, active retiree organization that understands the value of public education and unions because of its affiliation with WEA. (WEA-Retired is the only retiree organization with this affiliation.)
  • Membership includes eligibility for NEA Member Benefits such as credit card and insurance programs, including the $1,000,000 liability insurance if you choose to work as a substitute educator, and WEA’s Attorney Referral Program offers two free 30-minute consultations a year.
  • Membership provides opportunities to continue advocating for the rights of retired educators, current educators, and public school students. Your voice still matters!
  • Membership provides access to AIG/Corebridge financial advisors for a 360 Plan with a complete evaluation of your financial needs for FREE.
  • Membership establishes access to leadership opportunities and training for lifelong learning!
  • Membership creates camaraderie with other educators.
  • Membership offers involvement as part of WEA-Retired; you can attend local chapter lunch programs, help out at pre-retirement seminars, join current educators at events within UniServ Councils and WEA, and other endless possibilities.
  • Membership informs you about education and issues important to retired educators. You will receive WEA and NEA newsletters and other informative materials.
  • Membership flows seamlessly from pre-retired to retired status.
  • And more...

Retire from your position, not your profession. Stay connected. Keep great benefits. Make a difference.

Join online by going to www.washingtonea.org/retired.