Educators of Color Conference 2020/2021


WEA invites BIPOC Educators to attend the online Educator of Color Conference Series, "Good Trouble." In these difficult and uncertain times, we must have safe spaces in which we may hurt and heal together. Therefore, this conference will not focus on training, but will give you the opportunity to network in a safe-space, to heal through community, and work together to embark on making "Good Trouble."

Conference attendees will have the opportunity to hear from keynote speakers NEA President Becky Pringle, retired Sen. John McCoy, Angela Jones, and Charlene Teters. All attendees will receive a gift delivered to their home post-conference.

Session 1 will be held via Zoom on November 14, 2020, Session 2 on January 9, 2021, and Session 3 on March 13, 2021. Registration for each session closes 3 days before that session. After registering you will select an affinity group. (You will have the opportunity to shift affinity groups at the event.) Registrants will receive the Zoom link just prior to the conference. The event is limited to 450 participants, so register as soon as possible. Other dates in the series are Jan. 9, 2021 and March 13, 2021.

Come network, build community, heal, and make "good trouble" together.

Session 1
November 14, 2020

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Session 2
January 9, 2021

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Session 3
March 13, 2021

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for Session 3