NAKIA Academy for Early Career Educators

Mentoring and Leadership Acadamy by BIPOC for BIPOC EducatorsNakia Logo

Do the following statements accurately describe you?

  • I am passionate about guiding beginning educators and I wish I could have connected with people who looked like me as mentors when I was beginning my career.
  • I am dedicated to making sure those who are beginning their education careers are going to practice their work through a lens of race, social, and economic justice for all.
  • I believe that healthy social/emotional support for all educators, but newer educators in particular, is one of the most important indicators of success.

If these descriptions resonate and you are highly motivated to build powerful mentorship skills that will greatly impact the field of education for years to come, NAKIA Academy is for you.

NAKIA Academy, named for a fictional unsung hero and a humanitarian whose philosophy includes lifting others up, is a new program bringing together 105 educators of color over a four-month period for a total of 20 hours of thinking, learning, interacting, skill-building, and fun.

NAKIA Academy will start mid-October. Selected participants will be notified by September 22, 2021. The WEA Early Career Educator team will help in making selections should there be more applicants than spots. Applicants should make sure they are available on the scheduled dates (listed below) before applying. Should you be selected, you will receive a stipend ($35 an hour) as your wisdom and work are both valued and respected. You also will be able to receive clock hours for your participation.

Mentor training content for NAKIA Academy is specific for BIPOC educators and is created and facilitated by OSPI BEST's BIPOC Mentor Faculty. If you'd like to learn more about NAKIA Academy, contact Torian Hodges-Finch

Once participants have completed NAKIA Academy they will be asked to commit to help a couple or a few early educators in their region. This will be optional and should not preclude you from going through NAKIA Academy, but the hope is that participants will have an interest in guiding others. Should you decide to commit, the hourly stipend will continue.

CLICK HERE to apply.

Before applying, please make sure you will be able to commit the 20 hours necessary (listed below) to complete NAKIA Academy in one of the cohorts listed below.

Cohort Mondays
Session 1 10/18/21 10/23/21
Session 2 11/1/21 11/6/21
Session 3 11/15/21 11/20/21
Session 4 11/29/21 12/4/21
Session 5 12/13/21 12/18/21
Session 6 1/10/22 1/8/22
Session 7 1/24/22 1/22/22
Session 8 2/7/22 2/5/22