Culturally Responsive Strategies 1 & 2

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This training is comprised of two three-hour sessions intended to help educators reflect on their practice as culturally responsive professionals to increase effectiveness across differences among their students and families. It is intended for any educator (including office staff, before and after school caregivers, ESP, Cert, etc.) interested in creating a new culture of equity and cultural responsiveness in their school community. This training is currently only open to educators of the WEA-Cascade UniServ Council in the Northshore, Shoreline, and Edmonds school districts who are WEA members.

CRS1: Culturally Responsive Classroom Communities (3hrs)

This session will help educators develop their growth as culturally responsive educators, and increase their effectiveness to engage students from diverse backgrounds, social groups, and cultures through meaningful, caring adult relationships.


  • Integrate the cultural competency definition into educators’ daily practice and classroom environment: “The will and skill to create authentic and effective relationships across difference”. 
  • Understand the research and impact of resiliency in student growth by increasing relational strategies that focus on asset-based instruction, and developing student resiliency as a primary factor in closing the opportunity/achievement gap.
  • Use the cultural competency framework of awareness, understanding, skills, and advocacy to increase educator effectiveness with students from diverse populations including: socio-economic, language, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, age, and ability. 
  • Grow as a culturally responsive educator through reflective practice by increasing one’s AWARENESS of self (biases, stereotypes, expectations) and KNOWLEDGE of other social group categories to which one does not belong.

CRS2: Culturally Responsive Classroom Management (3hrs)

This session supports educators by developing their culturally responsive management practice. Practitioners need to be cognizant of the characteristics of the students coming to school, appreciate and integrate their culture and family backgrounds, and be able to work with them in culturally appropriate ways. Providing educators support around CRCM practices will only help ensure that all students have access to a positive, consistent, safe, and equitable educational setting. 


  • Educators will be introduced to some of the essential core practices for developing one’s culturally responsive management practice.
  • Learn how to: build social relationships, communicate in culturally responsive ways, cultivate a safe and inclusive environment, and engage with families and communities.
  • Participants will reflect, discuss, and share their cultural assumptions, views, and prejudices to help begin to examine their own cultural histories and biases in working with students from culturally, linguistically, and socio-economically diverse backgrounds.
  • Educators will receive resources and materials to support their classrooms.

Training is limited to 110 people. Registration will be done online, and is on a first come, first served basis. Registrations will NOT be accepted by phone, fax or email. Once a training is filled a waitlist will be started. If space becomes available, an email notification will be sent to the first person on the waitlist.


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Please contact Chenoa Gray-Brewer at 425-486-7101 x101 or if you have any questions regarding the training.