Culturally Responsive Strategies (CRS3 & CRS4)

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This training is comprised of two three-hour sessions intended to help educators reflect on their practice as culturally responsive professionals to increase effectiveness across differences among their students and families. It is intended for any educator (including office staff, before and after school caregivers, ESP, etc.) interested in creating a new culture of equity and cultural responsiveness in their school community. Prior attendance of CRS1 and CRS2 is not required to attend. 

CRS3: Culturally Responsive Classroom Interactions (3 hrs)

This training helps educators explore culturally responsive classroom interaction practices to ensure that students experience a positive, consistent, safe and equitable classroom. Participants will learn to facilitate classroom interactions that appropriately integrate their students' culture and family backgrounds.


  • Apply core practices for developing culturally responsive classroom interactions.

  • Identify strategies for building social relationships between students and families.  

  • Develop ideas for communicating in culturally responsive ways.

  • Find ways to respond to student needs through facilitating student focus groups.

  • Investigate cultural assumptions, views, and beliefs to understand how one's own cultural histories and biases may affect work with students from culturally, linguistically and socio-economically diverse backgrounds.

  • Learn to use provided resources and materials to support culturally responsive classrooms.

CRS4: Culturally Responsive Classroom Behavior Interventions (3 hrs)

This training helps educators integrate culturally responsive behavior interventions practices into their classroom. Participants build on concepts from earlier courses in the Culturally Responsive Strategies series to learn to implement behavior intervention strategies that respect all students.


  • Investigate ways to promote positive classroom and social behavior development.

  • Identify strategies for implementing culturally responsive behavior interventions that address the underlying causes and functions of behavior.

  • Adapt core principles of culturally responsive behavior intervention to meet the specific the needs of students.

This training will be held Saturday, February 2, 2019, from 8:30am to 3:30pm in the Shoreline Room at Shoreline Conference Center. Cost to attend is $20 for members and $150 for non-members.