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From its inception in 1987, WEA-Retired had a strong legislative focus. Six years later the pre-retirement seminar program began, and in 1996 WEA-Retired awarded its first two scholarships to WEA active members or $300 each “to provide vital support to those seeking to enhance their skills or earn new endorsements.” Over the next twenty-four years the program underwent two structural changes, received an endowment from Laura McVicker, and has awarded $102,150 to 121 WEA active and student members. Today, WEA-Retired Scholarships is an independent organization affiliated with WEA-Retired and awards up to ten $1000 scholarships each year.

Over the years WEA-Retired Scholarships has benefited from tremendous support from the WEA family: classified, certificated, student, and retired. With the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 fundraisers were cancelled when the WEA Representative Assembly and the WEA-Retired Annual Meeting changed to virtual formats. The scholarship board of directors made the decision to reduce the number of scholarships to no more than five for 2021. WEA-Retired made a $5000 donation so the maximum number of scholarships offered could remain at ten.

With the pandemic continuing its stranglehold, the WEA Representative Assembly and WEA-Retired Annual Meeting will once again be virtual formats. That means fundraising in 2021 needs a new look. Two lap quilts have been donated to the organization. “Blocks and triangles” measures 41.5 x 41.5 inches and “For the birds” is 51 x 51 inches. For every $5.00 donation your name will be entered into the drawing for the quilt of your choice. Checks should be made out to WEA-Retired Scholarships and sent to WEA-Retired Scholarships, PO Box 820708, Vancouver WA 98682. The winners’ names will be drawn April 30 and will be announced in Connections, the WEA-Retired newsletter.

Blocks and trianglesBlocks and Triangles

For the birdsFor The Birds